Hey there! The name's Luana, but you can call me Lu.


Some quick facts about me:

  • I'm a freelance writer, copywriter and communications specialist

  • I write and edit media releases, feature articles and interviews

  • I specialise in conversational copywriting and work with women in e-commerce to boost their customer engagement, sales and street cred ;)

  • As a feminist and huge supporter of women, I run a project called 'Who run the world?' that celebrates creative women entrepreneurs and artists 

  • I'm a huge foodie and write a food blog called Food Comatose

  • I shoot a film series called Cucina Divinaa cooking show with my darling nonna, sharing her traditional southern Italian recipes

In between reading, writing and Instagram scrolling, I love to cook, dance and fawn over my Tabby cat, Stella. I also write non-fiction, poetry and musings on Medium. 


Coffee catch ups are always welcome! Drop me a line at luanaspad@gmail.com 

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